With Black Friday around the corner, you're probably wondering what will make the best presents for the people in your life. Technology? Home goods? Something hand made? Did you consider custom made Oreos?

For the first time, Oreo is letting you customize your sandwich creme cookies online via the OreoiD service. It allows you to choose the creme color plus a coating, sprinkles and even an image or text.

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How Do I Make the Custom Oreos?

All you have to do is visit the OreoiD! You will be able to choose from eight creme colors and sprinkle colors, dip the cookies in either milk or white fudge, then upload an image or type out text and select the packaging. You can also purchase cookies without a design and just choose your favorite color for the creme.

Prices will vary depending on how much you customize the cookie, with a fully-customized one costing $3.50 per cookie (minimum order of 20 cookies), a 12-count box for $29.95 and a 24-count box for $52.95.

The concept here is great. I don't think I've met a single person who hates Oreos, so I'm sure if you weren't sure what to get someone for Christmas, this would be a great option. I do have some questions though.

Why are the chocolate Oreo cookies the only option, and why is it only the vanilla flavoring? The team over at Oreo is missing out on a huge opportunity for those who love the vanilla Oreos and the specialty flavors.

Christmas. Graduation. Anniversary. Birthday. All a great occasion to get custom Oreos made.

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