At first glance, this might seem really weird, but it's so Paul Rudd that it totally makes sense.

Yesterday, Thursday, Paul Rudd surprised voters waiting in line outside the  Barclay's Center in Brooklyn. While it was raining he showed up to give people cookies.

One voter, Brian Rosenworcel shared a video of Rudd passing out cookies on his Twitter page.

Paul Rudd is kind of known around Hollywood as one of the nicest and most normal celebrities. He didn't just quickly throw out some cookies and leave, he actually took time to talk to people, take pictures, and according to the people waiting inline seemed to be having a great time.

Before anyone starts to get concerned about social distancing concerns he wore a mask, gloves and all the cookies were in sealed packages.

 I have been a fan of Paul Rudd for a long time, ever since "Freaks and Geeks" was on TV. His movies are awesome and he's just a genuinely nice, funny, he's Ant-Man.  

The world needs more Paul Rudd right now. Thanks for being so Paul Rudd....Paul Rudd.

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