Macaroon-the Honored Cookie of the Day
Food holidays usually catch my attention.  Today, May 31rst is National Macaroon Day.  My favorite type is the coconut macaroon.  I admit I have never made them but I have tasted quite a few.  Here's another confession
Is Chocolate Chip the Best Cookie? [Poll] [Video]
I love it!  Today we celebrate chocolate in the form of a chip!  It's National Chocolate Chip Day!  The chips are great in muffins, pancakes and scones but probably best in cookies!  My favorite is the classic Nestle Toll House recipe.
What’s Your Favorite Cookie? [POLL]
Today, April 30th is National Oatmeal cookie day.  There are several different varieties of this traditional cookie.  Probably the one that first comes to mind is Oatmeal Raisin.  That is a good one but it is not my favorite.  I pick oatmeal scotchies...