After years and years of the New York Yankees handing out some of the biggest contracts in all of sports and all the massive endorsements you see New York stars getting it odd there isn't more New York talent on Forbes' latest list. Forbes just released "The World's Ten Highest-Paid Athletes" and only ONE member of the New York sports scene has made the list.

As a matter of fact of the top ten earners on the list, only four come from the big four leagues in the US. Thanks to a massive contract from the Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott is sitting at number 4 on the list, LeBron James at 5, Tom Brady at 9, and then the sole New York pro is Kevin Durant coming in at number 10. SO amongst MMA, Soccer, Tennis, and Formula 1 the NFL and NBA grabbed four spots. Maybe the oddest part is that Durant has barely played since joining the Brooklyn Nets.

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Who could be the next New York sports star on the list? Will the Yankees' Aaron Judge put it all together and stay healthy or could New York Jets Zack Wilson sign some crazy endorsement deals?

Here are the Forbes 10 highest-paid athletes for 2021 with Brooklyn Nets' star Kevin Durant coming in at 10. Forbes adds up both salary and endorsements to get their total.

1. Conor McGregor, $180 million, MMA

2. Lionel Messi, $130 million, Soccer

3. Cristiano Ronaldo, $120 million, Soccer

4. Dak Prescott, $107.5 million, NFL

5. LeBron James, $96.5 million, NBA

6. Neymar, $95 million, Soccer

7. Roger Federer, $90 million, Tennis

8. Lewis Hamilton, $82 million, Formula 1

9. Tom Brady, $76 million, NFL

10. Kevin Durant, $75 million, NBA

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