How to know someone is a fitness fanatic: a foot of snow falls from the sky, trees blow over, power lines fall down, thousands and thousands of people are left in the dark and someone asks on social media, "do you think the gym is open?"

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I kid you not - I have several friends who asked this question earlier this week when the Southern Tier was in the middle of full-blown snowmageddon. I bit my tongue, but so wanted to suggest to them that if they needed a workout, perhaps they could grab a shovel and make their way around the neighborhood clearing snow for people.

If you've felt like maybe New York is swimming fitness fanatics, you're not wrong. As a matter of fact, New York has more hardcore fitness lovers than almost every other state.

In January of 2022, USA Rx decided to ask people from all across the United States a variety of questions including questions about their workout preference and gym habits, fitness routine, and more.

USA Rx discovered that when it comes to people who are true fitness fanatics, New York has them. Lots of them. As a matter of fact, New York has an above-average number of people who are fanatics about their fitness.

In New York, 12 percent of residents claim that they go to the gym between five and seven times a week which is 1.8 percent more often than the national average.

The most gym-obsessed states are Missouri and Virginia where 18 percent of residents in each state say they hit the gym five to seven times a week, so New York really isn't all that far behind the two most gym-obsessed states.

Tied with New York as the fifth most fitness fanatic state are Arizona, Connecticut, Michigan, Ohio, and Rhode Island. Which state has the least fitness-obsessed residents? Believe it or not, it's our neighbors just to the south in Pennsylvania. Only two percent of the population in Pennsylvania go to the gym five to seven times a week.

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