Did you miss World Vasectomy Day yesterday? Or is it today?  I don't know.  The internet is kind of "cut up" on the subject.  I'm not being "tipped off" on the proper date. I'd love to "pierce" the topic and "penetrate" the idea but it turns out I may have to "carve" out some time another day.

World Vasectomy Day is of course a day to spread awareness of the procedure and for some reason there's a "live stream" involved.  And unless this is like Katie Couric with her head poking out of a curtain I don't think I'm interested in watching.

According to MyHighPlains, a vasectomy may be right for you if:

  • You are certain that you desire no more or any children
  • Your partner should not get pregnant for the sake of her own health
  • You and/or your partner are carriers for genetic disorders that you do not want your children to have

I will say, I have gone under the knife and I've got some advice for you.

  • When the first shot of Novocain goes in they'll ask if it worked.  SAY IT DIDN'T WORK!  If you say you can still feel it they'll give you another shot to make sure you won't feel it in the slightest!
  • Make sure you've prepared this ahead of time.  Get a 20oz bottle of water and drink half of it.  Put the rest of it in the freezer.  Because when you get home from the appointment this is going to sit nicely between your legs and cool off those spicy meatballs.

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