What comes to mind when you think of National Beverage Day?   A Cold Beer?  Some exotic drink that a person with the last name of Malanoski has never heard of?  A Mello Yello? Yoohoo?  I don't want to steal your thunder but my drink of choice is one that is going to shock you! Water.  Okay, maybe shock was the wrong word selection.  But shocking in the sense of how boring my choice is.

Water is the one drink I could not live without.  I know from a survival's view that makes sense.  But water is my favorite drink from the standpoint that I could not imagine going a whole day without some quality H2O.  I know there is Gatorade, Powerade and drinkmeeventhoughiamnotbetterthanwaterade.  But all of those don't quench my thirst like water.

When I am at a restaurant, I do like a soda sometimes.  I do crave that extra flavor that water does not provide.  But I think that's a mental thing.  I had a dinner the other night of blackened chicken alfredo and it was just as good with water.  I know this is not a popular statement, but beer has never tasted great to me.  Before I got old, I liked how beer made me feel.  Now it just puts me to sleep.  I have gotten used to the taste of beer and some taste better than others but none of them are delicious.  You can give me a Schlitz and I would be happy.

What is your Beverage of Choice?  I will continue to make unpopular selections like my Fancy Nancy blanket and pick water.  Download our free app, WKXZ, and let me know what your go to drink is.

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