Step 3- How to START and KEEP your New Year Resolution 

Using Fashion for Motivation

by Nick Sorrenti

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So, I hope everyone enjoyed step 2 from last week. I just want to take a moment and stress about the importance of following a meal system. Not only will you feel more productive abut getting your meals taken cared of for the week, but if you do the proper research and put together the right combinations of foods, you will see drastic changes in not only your physical appearance but mental well-being.


Step 3:

Sooooo…. Today were going to be talking about a widely ranged topic involving fashion. I’m not talking about any regular ol’ fashion style, I’m talking gym fashion; we all know gym fashion is a lot different then business casual, party clothing, etc. When it comes to gym clothing I don’t want any of you thinking it’s not important; I mean, yeah, you “can” wear whatever you want, it’s a free country, but I personally do not. Whenever I’m going to the gym, I usually know what I’m going to wear, whether its based on the weather, time of the day, or more specifically, the muscle groups I’m going to be working on that day.

I don’t know about all of you, but when I talked to some friends around college, they explained that if they’re going to be working on back & bi’s, they’re definitely not wearing a light sweater to the gym. People in general when working a particular muscle group(s), back & bi’s specifically, their are going to be wearing some type of cut off, to show some skin, whether its just to show their arms (cut off), or just trying to show more of their upper body, it usually results in them wearing a tang top. This goes for both men and women, I don’t want any of you feeling as though I making these statements directed more towards men because that isn’t the case at all. I want you to embrace clothing in the gym no matter what sex, race, ethnicity, and gender you are.

  • Embrace yourself and what you are doing: As a gym member, you have to think of the bigger picture. Everyone that is working out in your gym is usually there to reach a common goal, which in the end is usually to look good. They do this by either losing weight, gaining muscle mass, getting lean, becoming more flexible, etc. So why not embrace that? If you work your butt off and you want to show your results, do it! However, I don’t mean go around the gym being obnoxious showing off your muscles and spending 75% of your time at the gym starring in the mirror. What I do mean by this is to wear the clothing of your liking, don’t feel self-conscious or afraid people are going to judge you, because in the end, were all there for the same general purpose. This idea needs to become more respected, and by wearing the clothing you want not only makes you more comfortable, but it makes you “fit in”, to an extent; which will give you a feeling of comfort, and satisfaction
  • What clothing does for you, without you realizing it: Now from personal experience, I know that whenever I go to the store to buy new clothes, I immediately want to wear them out. The same thing goes for gym clothes. This is why you need to use this as a motivation technique; and a lot of people do this already and subconsciously don’t even realize that they’re doing it. Every so often, when the gym becomes a little boring and you want an extra kick, I want you to treat yourself to new gym clothes. At least five different outfits; they don’t all have to be drastically different, they can be used as combinations so you don’t have to spend as much, but in the end I want you having at least five new outfits in total. The next few bullet points will be going over acceptable gym trends over the past five years, for both men and women that I feel is necessary for your new gym approach. I will also include some websites that I believe will help this process become a little easier for you.
  • MEN CLOTHING & TRENDS: So for men, I feel this is the most difficult subject for us because there’s such a wide variety of clothing that we can wear to the gym. Lets start with bottoms…
  • BOTTOMS FOR MEN: Alright, so I feel that depending on what you’re working on in the gym that day, decides what type of bottom clothing you’re going to wear. So for me, when I am having an upper body day, I like to wear sweatpants or most preferable, TAILORED TRACK PANTS, found on, (, or ) Truthfully, the first link will be more expensive, but the second link, relating to Hanes/Champion, is a lot more affordable for regular gym members. I feel that it isn’t necessary to buy incredibly expensive clothing for the gym because in end, all you’re going to be doing is stretching & sweating in the clothing anyways, so what’s the point? In relation to sweatpants, some people prefer to wear them while doing legs as well, and that’s fine. All I suggest is that make sure your pants are extremely comfortable and flexible. There’s no worse feeling then squatting and ripping your pants in the back; so like I said, just be smart with the type of pants you utilize for leg day. Now, the more occasional lower body clothing for leg day are gym shorts which can be found anywhere, but the website that I use mostly is,
  • TOPS FOR MEN: This topic is a little easier for me because its either you want to show some skin or you don’t. From personal experience I see this range a lot at the gym, but usually, whenever a person is doing arms, they’re showing some skin, ranging from tang tops, stringers, etc. So, if this is what you’re going for, do it! Don’t be afraid to show off the guns, even if the guns aren’t quite there at the moment…were all working towards something man, so just keep doing what your doing. Now, there are also people that like to wear t-shirts, as well as light long sleeves or heavy sweatshirts. I truthfully don’t fully understand the thick sweatshirt trend, unless you’re trying to loss weight, but in the end, it’s a trend, so I’m going to give you the websites for these types of clothing accessories. STRINGERS:

Gym Shirts/Tang Tops & Sweatshirts:


FEMALES!!!! Now this is for you, let’s make your body & clothing the talk of the gym…in a good way of course! Lets get right into it.


For both men and women, I truly believe that having comfortable as well as fashionable gym clothing is extremely important. Having fashionable and comfortable clothing will not only motivate you to get to the gym when things begin to get boring, but it will also keep you unrestricted when it comes to completing any type of exercise. Remember to keep these fashion trends in mind, and to take advantage of any opportunity to purchase some new gym clothes!

Make sure to keep an eye out for the next step, and for a possible online competition that might be held for all readers to join. This could be a great opportunity for not only you, but also your friends and family!

Quote of the day:

“Fall in love with the process, and the results will come”

-Eric Thomas


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