Man oh man.  Of all of the holidays to miss, I miss the one of the tastiest.  National French fry Day was this past Saturday, July 13th.  Not sure what I would have done to celebrate rather than hitting the drive through, but still....

Waffle fries, crinkle cut, steak fries, shoestring fires, curly fries, and all of the other cuts I'm missing, I am sorry I forgot about you and your big day.  Just where did the french fry come from?  No one really knows its origin but one theory suggests the starch dates back to 17th century Belgium.

Lightly salted, extra crispy with a side of ketchup is my personal favorite way to have fries.  If you have ketchup on the fries, you risk the chance of the fries becoming soggy.  I do not like soggy fries.  Or soggy bread but that is another story.

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