A quick, easy way to cut back on calories?  Here is a simple trick that I stumbled upon this past weekend...

Saturday night was a big date night for my husband and me.  In preparation for the our evening out, I decided to do my nails.  Just a little extra way to dress up and be a little flirty.  I bought a pack of glue on nails.  The length was quite a bit longer than I am used to, as I keep them very short.  Oh, they were so pretty with glitter at the tips but they became very distracting.

I found myself tapping them on the table or tapping them together.  It was like a musical instrument.  That wasn't so bad, it was the eating that was a little challenging.  Finger foods proved to just be messy with nails and trying to open little packages like creamer and sugar was like my first day using my hands.  I definitely consumed less than normal with my new, long nails but it was clearly not meant to be.

Buttons and zippers were a new challenge.  Scratching an itch was almost dangerous.  Okay they were pretty but they had to go.  By Sunday evening, I had removed the last fake nail.  Today I have remnants of glue on my nail beds but my hands are functioning normally.  Next time, I'll just paint what I got!


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