Yesterday, all over the listening area, kids reported back to school for the first day of the new school year.  This is an exciting day, well at least for me.  I am sure there are many kids that would argue that they would rather be doing something else.  But for me, it is all about making it a celebration.

I take the day off from work so I can be there when my sweeties wake and help them get ready for the big day.  My daughter is old enough now where she has requested that I don't tell stories about her on the radio anymore.  Loophole...she didn't say anything about our website. No, I  will respect her wishes.  But my son on the other hand, didn't say anything.

He has always liked to dress nice.  He takes pride in looking good.  He was all dressed in his "first day of school" outfit and looking quite handsome.  Well, he kept checking himself out in front of the mirror.  Then he'd throw in some dance moves.  Then next thing I know, he has to change because he was so busy working his moves in the mirror that he built up quite a sweat.  Outfit number two made it to school.

I had the camera out, I had the video camera out, and I had my phone camera out.  I told you this is a big day for me.  My kids humored me and posed for the photos.  All three dozen of them.  We walked to class and said our "see you laters" and as I left the school it really hit me.  Where does the time go?  Seriously.  My babies are growing up so fast.  It really does seem like yesterday that we were making bottles and changing diapers.

Cherish all the moments.  Have a great school year.

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