When we were young(er), those fast food restaurant kids happy meals were the best. You'd get a hamburger, fries or nuggets, maybe a fruit, a drink and depending on the restaurant, a toy. This was a rare treat in my family.

Now that we are all grown up, the happy meal has lost it appeal. Or has it? According to a report from Citybeat, a cafe in Cincinnati - The Dunlap Cafe, is now selling adult happy meals. That perked up my interest.

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Citybeat mentions that there is not just one adult happy meal option, there are three. You can choose from seven options depending on your choice of alcohol. The price range varies, ranging from six to twelve dollars. The many choices include burger, fries or nuggets, a pack of Twizzlers, a koozie, and several choices of soda (or 'pop' as they call it in Cincinnati), cocktails and wines. The word 'pop versus 'soda' is a topic I'd like to discuss, but some maybe some other time.

That's a happy meal I could be very happy about. The downside is, Cincinnati, Ohio is not just a short drive away. Maybe it's an idea one of our local restaurants could adopt. I'd be up for an adult happy meal, how about you?

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