Last week a friend of mine had posted some pictures on Facebook.  They caught my eye and I became quite curious.  They looked like fun, carnival like boards with holes in them.  But what were they?


I was informed that they were for corn hole.  What?  Corn hole, a game much like horseshoes, but with bags of corn that have to go through the hole.  I tried my hand at the game this weekend and did horribly.  You get a point just for getting the bag on the board which sounds easier than it is.  The incline creates the challenge.  But still, I did horribly.

Can you teach an old dog new tricks?  Well, yes but it doesn't mean they'll be any good at it.  I know, practice makes perfect so I'll keep trying.  I was just glad to finally learn to play the game I have been hearing so much about lately.


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