Damaschke Field in Oneonta, New York has welcomed many famous people over the years.  But it's safe to say this past Saturday night is the first time a Social Media Influencer ever walked thru the front gate.  I'm not going to fib and say I know who is famous when it comes to TikTok.  I always associated this with pain because I'm used to hearing the Eve 6 lyric "The Tick Tock of the clock is painful." TikTok is the opposite of painful for Olivia Dunne as this LSU gymnast has over 3.9 million followers on TikTok @livvy.  And on Instagram she has 1.1 million followers @livvydunne.

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How did I know this Hillsdale, New Jersey native was in attendance at an Oneonta Outlaws baseball game?  That's where 19 year old Aiven Malanoski comes into play.  He knew who Olivia was as soon as she walked thru the gate and she was gracious enough to have her picture taken with Aiv(pictured above) as well as many other teenagers that recognized her.

I am not aware of what it takes to become a social media influencer but I have an idea of how ridiculously difficult it is to be a Division 1 athlete at a school like Louisiana State University.  Dunne started training in gymnastics at age three and put together a jaw-dropping list of accomplishments even before she arrived at Baton Rouge.  The future is beyond bright for Olivia but I hope she always remembers that on June 26th, 2021 she was Oneonta Outlaws Fan of the Game!

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