It is an absolute sick feeling when you can't find your pet.  The mind starts racing as you try to stay focused while looking for your best friend.  We are going to focus on dogs today since April 23rd is National Lost Dog Awareness Day.  These anxious moments when the dog goes missing can quickly turn to joy when you are reunited with Fido or Max.

Let's focus on the reunion aspect.  Many times owners and pets see each other again thanks to shelters, vets and social media.  The other tried-and-true approach to make sure that a happy reunion takes place is the Townsquare Media Pet Report.  This is  good old-fashioned radio that many label as archaic but we still get calls each week asking us to announce a dog that got away.

It is one thing to post it on the station website and on our station facebook page.  But social media probably has already been attempted so it is time to announce this on-air.  The important info to announce is, when the dog was lost and where.  Then we need the dog owner to describe your canine as much as possible.  We have never calculated the success rate but we have assisted with numerous joyous reunions over the years.

This is what local radio is all about.  In a small market like this, getting the word out on our Otsego County, Delaware County and Chenango County stations(depending on where you are) can be invaluable.  So while some may bristle at hearing the pet report, they don't see what we do.  Hearing the panic in the owner's voice when they call in and then having them call back showering us with thanks after they find their dog is beyond worth it.  It is National Lost Dog Awareness Day but you can call us any day at 607-353-9042 and we will get your lost pet on the air as quickly as we can.

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