Skrillex is adding another honor to his resume to list alongside his Grammys. The EDM superstar is scoring ‘Spring Breakers,’ the highly anticipated Selena Gomez flick.

Rolling Stone reports that part of why Skrillex agreed to the gig is because director Harmony Korine trusted him to make his own decisions. “I think this film is going to turn a lot of heads in many ways,” Skrillex said. “It was a lot of fun to work with Harmony because he gave me the freedom and trust to do whatever I wanted. Scoring to film is definitely a different approach to music making in the sense that it’s not so much about how the music sounds by itself as it is finding ways to compliment the vibe of the film.”

Gomez hung out with Skrillex at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami while she was on location filming the college co-ed heist flick, set to premiere in early 2013.

‘Spring Breakers’ is Gomez’s edgiest project to date — reports say it’s chock full of “theft, lesbian scenes, and punk.” We could totally hear Skrillex tracks pounding along to those, but we gotta say — Sel’s come a long way from ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’!

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