The sketch-heavy music video for "Where Are Ü Now," Justin Bieber's collaboration with Jack Ü (aka Diplo and Skrillex), leaked online a little over a week ago, propelling the track's success even further. If you were looking to gain some further insight into just how those drawings were superimposed over footage of Bieber, a newly released behind-the-scenes video is here to answer your questions -- well, sort of.

Bieber as he does his best to describe the premise for the video in this BTS clip, though he never quite delivers a satisfactory explanation. Still, it's a valiant effort when he says, "It's really artsy, like it’s actually artsy. We have art being done in the background so they're actually taking each frame and giving it to an artist and they’re all painting…I don’t even know how it’s gonna look, but it’s gonna look amazing, I know. I just trust these guys, they’ve been doing an amazing job.”

The rest of the video shows the "Baby" singer dancing in front of a giant white backdrop and taking notes from the video's director, which ultimately results in a particularly sad sack Bieber acting out those desperate lyrics all too well.

While the song itself is a huge hit, with many praising the effort as a true collaboration between all three artists' respective sounds, fellow DJ Deadmau5 predictably had some less than favorable things to say about the track. He went off on Twitter recently, referring to Bieber as a 'f--kbag," which feels a little personal, but that's okay. We love the track enough to move past a bit of negativity.

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