Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been dunzo for a while now. However, it looks like Justin has officially confirmed this again in Jack Ü's new "Where Are Ü Now" video.

While anyone who's already viewed the visual was likely drawn in by mesmerizing array of artwork, Jelena fans quickly caught one doodle that proved to be a clear message that Justin and Selena are now a thing of the past. Toward the end of the video (around 3:46), "JELENA" appears on the screen in big block letters with a big "X" written across it. The image is so quick that if you blink, you'll definitely miss it.

But don't worry, PopCrush has got you covered. You can see what we're talking about below.

Jelena Ex Sreenshot

While the art was just onscreen for a moment, some eagle-eyed Jelena fans caught it and quickly reported their findings on Twitter.

While Justin's camp told Hollywood Life that the message on the wall was created by one of the fans who participated in the video instead of a message from Justin himself, it still stands out as a hot-button issue for some Beliebers.

In any case, Selena and Justin's relationship, though rocky at times, was a sweet one when it was good. And let's face it, the two looked absolutely adorable on the red carpet. But they have been broken up for some time and have even waded in their dating pool themselves.

But now it's time for you to weigh in. Do you think the two exes still have a chance in the future?

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