British-Sri Lankan electro-rap artist M.I.A. is hard at work on her follow up to 2013's Matangi. The rapper is currently in the process of recording her fifth studio album, titled Matahdatah. And while M.I.A. has so far only shared one song off the record, the rhythmic, world-music inspired electro-clash jam "Swords," the artist recently revealed one of the exciting musical collaborators who is also working on Matahdatah on Instagram.

On Friday (August 28) the Grammy-nominated singer posted this photo (below) of American electronic producer Skrillex, curled up on a bed and hunched over a MacBook, no doubt programming some sweet beats that we'll someday soon hear on an M.I.A. track. In addition to Skrillex, Baltimore artist-producer and previous M.I.A. collaborator Blaqstarr also seems to be hard at work on his laptop as well. The photo is captioned simply with "MATAHDATAH" and a bunch of emojis, but hey, an alien emoji speaks a thousand words!

While additional details on Matahdatah have been scarce, and there is no confirmed release date yet, we do know that the record is meant to be a sort of conceptual extension of and exploratory follow up to Matangi. M.I.A. has shared, "The concept for this LP is 'broader then a border' and Matadatah is the journal of Matangi. Sometimes I move vertical and sometimes I move horizontal.” And sometimes she moves a rope in a circle, with fire attached to it.

In July, the artist released a video titled "Matahdatah Scroll 01 Broader Than A Border," a dual music video for new song "Swords" and Matangi track "Warrior," and the first visual in a series of ten video installments that will accompany Matahdatah.

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