After what has seemed like eons since we've seen Justin Bieber in a music video, the wait is finally over because the video for “Where Are Ü Now” has kind of dropped a little early.

Premiering on Samsung devices yesterday (June 26), the video shows Justin dressed casually in a white tee, dark button-down and jeans, showing us those puppy dog eyes as he croons the lyrics to his collab with Jack Ü aka Diplo and Skrillex's side project. Throughout most of the video, he stands still and sings straight to the camera, which feels like he's peering into your soul. And that can either make you swoon or freak you out depending on your Belieber status.

What makes this visual the most interesting is the user-generated art that pops up on the screen. In the video, we're taken into a white room with tablet lining the walls showing Justin performing the song. And as the video progresses, drawings created by people in the room are superimposed onto Justin. Going along with the song's tempo, the graphics change showing different people's artwork. From simple doodles to intricate graffiti-like pieces, it's an impressive display of art.

So if you've got an Android, you were one of the first to see it. However the rest of us can now watch it above. The video for “Where Are Ü Now” officially premieres on YouTube on Monday (June 29).

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