Skrillex was the winner of two trophies before the 2013 Grammys even officially started!

The reigning EDM king won the Best Dance Recording and Best Dance/Electronica Album Grammys for 'Bangarang.' He brought his collaborator Sirah along for the ride, and the adorable brunette -- with a gray streak, no less -- was visibly thrilled at the chance to be there.

Skrillex made sure to touch on his roots as well as the EDM community in his acceptance speeches. "I've known Sirah for five years now, making recordings in bedrooms and lofts in downtown L.A.," he said. "I was on tour when I had this beat, and the energy was really raw, and the whole premise of it was that Peter Pan, never growing up, Lost Boys attitude," he gushed, "and I sent her this beat and it was just really crazy."

An ecstatic Sirah squealed, "Guys ... this is a Grammy. Yeah! This is really crazy and I am so grateful ... when we started this we were all living in a loft downtown, then I moved to a garage in east L.A. with holes in the ceiling ... thank you so much."

For his second trophy, Skrillex brought the rest of his huge crew, who he called his family, onstage to thank them and issued a "thank you to everyone who let us do this the weird way!" He closed with an encouragement to fledgling EDM artists, saying, "We're a big community, we support a forward thinking attitude."

Even though he's on top of the world, Skrillex is still grounded. Congrats!

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