Sick of flipping through streaming services looking for the right movie? If you have some pride for Central New York, this new movie is pretty much a must-watch.

Right now it seems like every streaming service is blasting all things Halloween in front of you, but maybe that isn't your jam? You just want to watch a good movie that makes you smile and feel happy. That's what one local Syracuse filmmaker did, create a movie to deliver all of those things. Plus, many locations in Central New York are featured in the movie.

The movie is called Hudson and features a fantastic lineup of actors and actresses including David Neal Levin, who you may know from the hit show Billions. The filmmaker is Sean Daniel Cunningham. Cunningham really wanted to showcase Syracuse which is his hometown. Also featured are many well-known places surrounding Syracuse.

“I love it, I love the landscape, and I wanted to tell a story here,” - Hudson Filmmaker Sean Daniel Cunningham

That he did. This movie follows the main character who is taking a road trip in a pretty shotty car down to the Hudson Valley with his mother in hand, in an urn. Along the way in typical fashion things inevitably go wrong and it created a wonderful, yet inspiring movie.

It’s a lovely film. It looks great, performances are solid in a very mellow way, and the resolution feels like a long-coming hug from a buddy. It’s nice. - Hope Madden/Maddwolf


When You Watch It, Keep An Eye Out For These Central New York Locations

  • Four Seasons Adventure Golf / Fayetteville
  • Suzie’s Lakeland Dinner / Camillus
  • Critz Farms / Cazenovia
  • Navarino Apple Orchard / Syracuse.

Hudson is able to be found on many streaming services. If you have Amazon, VUDU, or Apple TV you can find it but will have to rent it. Currently, if that is the route you're going to take to see the movie, at least on Amazon, it is $4.99 to rent or $9.99 to purchase and own digitally.

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