After Bombers Burrito Bar, an Albany franchise, opened up at 221 Main Street in Oneonta, I had to give it a try, after all, I really enjoy mexican-style cuisine. This Mexican burrito bar serves original burrito creations, margaritas and classic eats like chicken wings and is open for lunch and dinner.

Following their grand opening, my husband and I went to lunch there and noted the simple, yet fun atmosphere.  It's very colorful and festive! It's a casual experience so as long as you show up in shirt and shoes, you won't be underdressed.

I had a burrito called the "Red Stripe Jerk Pork" and first of all, it was way more than enough! Secondly, it was yummy!


Meanwhile, my husband enjoyed his "Loaded Nachos" with bbq pork. That was also way more than he could eat.


And I have to point out that even though it was very busy-almost every table was filled, our service was great.  Our server was very friendly and food came out in a timely manner.  I consider that very good for a newly opened restaurant and we will definitely return there!