On "National VCR Day", I find myself realizing that although I no longer have a VCR, I still have what I think of as a VCR brain.  I don't "record" shows on my DVR, I "tape" them.  Is that true for you too?  I can't help it because I had a VCR in my life much longer than I have had a DVR. So I'm a bit stuck in the past in that way but at least I don't call my tv the "idiot box" any more like I did when I was growing up.

I can only imagine the next incarnation of the DVR!  Is Alexa going to take over everything and we'll just tell her what to "tape"?  Oh wait, I think I'll have to start saying "record".  I don't think I'm ready for Alexa and her magical technical powers.  I want to hang onto the simpler days just a bit longer thanks.

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