Yup, we're in the very heart of wedding season. Decoding proper wedding wardrobe is difficult enough, but even after you've chosen the correct suit for the event, you also need to consider what goes with that suit. If you want to charm your way into an extra piece of cake or a dance with that hot bridesmaid, you should pay attention to your accessories.


Wedding footwear is as important as the suit. You don't always have to wear those formal, shiny black shoes at wedding time, but under almost no circumstances should you wear sneakers (even really sweet ones). If you're headed to a more casual event, a nice pair of boat shoes could work well with your slacks. A pair of brogues is a fun and stylish accessory for a suit, and if you aren't at a black-tie event, you can play around with some colorful shoes and socks. Socks are the new crazy tie. You have your pick of colors and patterns, so have some fun. Finally, sandals and flip-flops are always the wrong footwear for a wedding -- even on the beach, you should wear a full shoe.


Your tie is an easy way to show you understand proper wedding attire. A bow tie isn't just for extremely formal affairs. It can make a light suit more playful for an afternoon or beach wedding, and it can lighten the mood of a more conservative suit for an evening wedding. If you aren't sure how dressy to be, a conservative tie with your dark suit is the classy way to go. Lighter ties, pastels and patterns are great for spring and summer affairs. Get those jewel tones in for the winter weddings. A more casual, outdoor wedding may not call for a suit, but you can improve upon your suspenders and dress shirt with a trendy tie.

Pocket Square

The pocket square is your key to being the perfect gentleman at a wedding -- just make sure it matches your tie. You can always go with the classic white, which goes with just about anything. Also, bring along a spare. Fold it up and leave it in an inside pocket. That way, if a lovely young lady gets a bit teary at the wedding or during the speeches, you'll be right there to offer your pocket square like the chivalrous gent you are. When she offers to return it, tell her she can hold on to it in case she needs it again. Then, when you get a chance, replace it with the spare you have folded up in your pocket.

Your Beard

If you're a bearded fellow, your facial hair is an accessory just like anything else. The ladies love the beards, but not if they're unkempt and frightening. You've got a sharp suit on, so make sure you're groomed to match. Trim the beard and 'stache to tidy them up (here's how). Shave your neck and use some moisturizer. You don't have to show up clean shaven, but you shouldn't look like you just thawed from an ancient glacier.


Chances are, at some point you'll be headed to an outdoor, daytime wedding. You'll have to sweat in your suit, but you don't have to be blinded at the same time. Sunglasses are allowed. But, choose your sunglasses well to make the best impression. Leave the uber-reflective, Super Troopers-style aviators at home. For slick wedding style, go with a clear or lighter frames, a rounder shape and lenses the people you're talking to can see through. You should look fun and lighthearted, not like you're ready to break up the party.

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