On December 21, 1985, Heart went to number one on the U.S. album charts with their self titled record.  Sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson had been proving that women could rock for about a decade before scoring a number one album which produced hits like 'What About Love', 'Never', 'These Dreams', and 'Nothin' At All'. 

I remember singing to this cassette tape over and over.  My oldest sister, Michelle, had a really cool boombox that allowed you to play one tape while recording on another.  But It gets better.  It also allowed you to sing in a microphone!  My cousin,  Jennifer (who I call Nif), and I made our first recordings as pop stars with that bad boy.  We didn't have a band name that I can remember, but we were great.  At least I remember us being great.  There is no tape to prove anything...or is there?!!  My favorite from the album is 'Never', check it out: