It was the fall of 1990.  I was heading into my senior year of high school at Laurens Central School.  There was a song that everyone was singing and dancing to.  There was a style of hair cut that many boys tried to carry.  It was a fever caused by artist Vanilla Ice and his number one hit, "Ice Ice Baby". 

Born Robert Van Winkle in 1967, Vanilla Ice stormed the country with this song.  He followed up the single with a remake of "Play That Funky Music" which reached number four on the singles chart.  He went on to star in the movie, "Cool As Ice" and continued to make music but would never recreate the magic of his original hit.

I remember some great entertainment during that basketball season.  The girls varsity basketball team traveled to Worcester to play and one of the male students who had the Vanilla Ice haircut and style came out and performed the song.  I don't know if anyone could ever forget that.

Currently, Van Winkle, is the star of his own show on the DIY network, "The Vanilla Ice Project".  I enjoy it.  He flips houses and does some cool renovations.

Very funny parody with Jim Carey on In Living Color:

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