Have you ever been anticipating a meal so much you could almost taste it? Maybe you haven't been to the place for a long time and there's a specific meal you just HAVE to get every time you're there.

We've all seen the DIY kitchen hacks where you can make the Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana Soup by yourself and it never works out.


But then again...if you want Zuppa Toscana, you can simply order it from Olive Garden any time you want.  It's not seasonal like this particular meal I'm thinking of.

McDonald's Brings Back The McRib Sandwich
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Are They Going to Take it Away For Good?

McDonald's are calling this seasonal release of the McRib the Farewell Tour, hinting that this may be the last time you're able to get the BBQ sandwich...which is only around once or twice a year anyway.

McDonald's Brings Back The McRib Sandwich
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But What If We Could Make It Ourselves?

It's hard to replicate most restaurant meals at home because we're unable to find the dish’s special flavor combinations. Pintrest is filled with make-shift recipes that they "THINK" makes it taste like the real thing.

But if McDonald's really takes away the McRib forever...there is one sure-fire way to bring it back...if only in the comfort of your own kitchen.

McDonald's Brings Back The McRib Sandwich
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 I Present To You...DIY McRib

Yes, you may have to destroy a perfectly fine Banquet frozen dinner.  Yes, you may have to "borrow" a few BBQ packets from McDonald's (don't forget the fries).

But worst comes to worst...if you've got a craving for a McRib, here is how it's done.

Credit to my cousin Steve...


Everyone is rejoicing that the McRib is back! You can hear the chanting from down the block. Everyone is washing their hands a little bit more due to the bbq sauce residue and it's wonderful.

All is right with the world.

But it isn't always like this. The McRib will leave soon and we'll have to settle for a McChicken or a Double Quarter Pounder like a peasant. Life isn't fair. We know this.

However, my cousin Steve has figured out a way to beat the system.

He's gotten his hands dirty and experimented so we don't have to. He has perfected the DIY McRib!

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