I won't ever forget the date - it was March 8, 2007, and that was the day that I was hooked up to an IV drip and told that I had early localized Lyme disease.

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Since my run-in with Lyme in 2007, I've become obsessed with checking for ticks and researching ways to protect myself and my family, especially now that we live in a densely wooded area filled with deer. While we love the deer that roam our woods, they're tick transporters, and contrary to what most people think, ticks don't die in the winter. Ticks might not be as active in the winter as they are other times of the year but they're still active.

If you're worried about ticks but not crazy about the idea of using harsh chemicals to ward them off, you might be like to know that ticks absolutely hate rosemary. Sure, there are other herbs that ticks hate, but rosemary is one of the easiest to grow and maintain. Rosemary oil is also super easy to get your hands on. Here are some of the easiest ways to use rosemary and rosemary oil to keep ticks away.

Seven Ways to Fight Off Ticks Using Rosemary

If you can't stand the smell of rosemary, you can substitute lavender. Just know that growing lavender is much harder to do than growing rosemary.

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