Have you ever wondered what makes your town stand apart or distinctive?  You can find out thanks to a website pudding.cool.  It features a People Map of the US and allows viewers to zoom in on any town in America to discover the most "Wikipedia'd" name for any village/city in the United States. Pretty cool right?

I thought so and looked up some area villages and who they were most associated with:

Oneonta: Actor Paul Reubens
Reubens is best known for his role as Pee Wee Herman on tv.  He was born in Peekskill, NY but spent his early years in Oneonta.

Milford:  Paul Wolfe (1995 Milford Central School graduate who went on to be a Nascar driver)

Morris: Nelson Dewey ( He became the first Governor of Wisconsin)

Cooperstown: James Fenimore Cooper (His father founded Cooperstown and he became a noted American author with The Leatherstocking Tales, a series of historical novels that includes The Last of the Mohicans.

New Berlin: Ansen Burlingame (He was a lawyer, Republican/American Party legislator, diplomat, and abolitionist. As diplomat, he served as the U.S. minister to China (1862-1867) and then as China’s envoy to the U.S., which resulted in the 1868 landmark Burlingame Treaty.

Delhi: Frederick Steele (He was born in Delhi and served as a major general in the Union Army during the American Civil War. He was most noted for his successful campaign to retake much of secessionist Arkansas for the Union cause.

Norwich: Calista Flockhart (actress and star of tv's “Alley McBeal” along with many other acting credits)  Her father was a Kraft Foods Executive and had to move quite a bit.  That is how her family ended up living in Norwich, NY at one point.

Walton: William B. Ogden (was an American politician and railroad executive who served as the first Mayor of Chicago.)

Westford: Andrew S. Draper (Born in Westford, NY, his career revolved around education administration and ultimately he became Commissioner of Education of the State of New York.

So those are just a few examples.  Now that you know how it works, check out the map and find out who the most wiki'd person is in your town is.

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