It was a bizarre Mother's Day to say the least.  As places are starting to get back into the swing of things, we are still in the take-out frame of mind.  For lunch we decided to order two subs from a place that we have frequented many times.  For "Mom" the order always is NO mayonnaise and NO oil and vinegar.  I don't know how a dry sub is appetizing but if that's what you like, especially on Mother's Day then your wish is my command.

The subs were ordered after I stated three times the importance of the one hero being dry.  I always give the places the benefit of the doubt that they got the food right.  But I had a bad feeling so I pulled over and sure enough the one dry sub had mayonnaise on it.  Mistakes happen and I understand that.  I called back to tell I need a new sub because this one is wrong.  No apologies were given and you think a mistake would be given top priority but it was not.  I was told remaking this dry sub would take 25 minutes.  Ugggg.  That means I have time to kill.  I stopped into the radio station to record weathers and I checked my sub to make sure it was right.  In the process, I innocently threw the other sub in the garbage since it was the wrong order.

I show up 25 minutes later and I am met with did you bring back the other sub?   What?  Has this ever happened to you?  Now I have to go back, retrieve the sandwich from the garbage just so I can get the sandwich that I originally ordered.  I did not get a refund initially.  But the owner's wife stated several times that she was not going to charge me for a third sub, the one they re-did.

The reason that I was given on why they needed the sub back, after they already wasted all of my time, was so they could properly train the staff on what went wrong.  First of all, I have tremendous respect for everyone in the food service industry.  I worked for a couple places while in college so I know how hard it is.  But I never knew that people had to be trained in mayonnaise distribution.  But I guess this establishment believes that there is an art to either putting mayo on a sandwich, or not putting mayo on a sandwich.

So my question to the listeners, are you asked to bring back the food that an establishment screws up? I never knew that was a thing.  I have learned my lesson and I will not stand in the way of mayonnaise distribution training ever again.  Although I have also learned my lesson that I will only give my businesses to establishments that truly care about the people that make-up this community.

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