Beyoncé can do no wrong in the eyes of her ever-loyal BeyHive — to the point that even when something does nearly go awry, she's still doing it right.

At one point during her performance of "Formation" at the Super Bowl halftime show yesterday evening (Feb. 7), Bey was going all the way in (as Bey does) with the choreography when, all of a sudden, it seemed as though she was about to lose her footing (and breath) with a nearly disastrous tumble in heels mid-crouch.

But have no fear: She is Yoncé. And instead, the superstar recovered with a quick leap and a fierce, explosive jump right back up on her feet — poetry in motion, really.

As that moment began to go viral last night, fans reacted with their own explanations of what happened. You looking for some real inspiration on this Monday morning? Take down that "Hang in there!" cat poster and replace it with one of these tweets.

And of course, never stop Bey-lieving.

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