Every community has its unique features or qualities that make it special and Oneonta, NY is no exception.  We asked people on our facebook page to finish the sentence "You know you're an Oneonta if..." and this is what residents came up with:

  • 1

    you've ever hiked up to Table Rock

  • 2

    you regularly get alignments due to potholes.

  • 3

    if you don’t pronounce the “t” in Oneonta

  • 4

    you’ve spent all day in Neawha Park on July 4th AND you can pronounce and spell Neawha.

  • 5

    if you know what the “roundhouse” is and what the significance of it was.

  • 6

    You eat out at Brook's BBQ restaurant

  • 7

    you know the significance of the last 2 weeks of May.

  • 8

    you KNOW that Oneonta pizza is the best in the world!!

  • 9

    when you become a great defensive driver dealing with college kids and baseball campers!

  • 10

    you've eaten cold cheese pizza

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