Today, June 22nd is National Kissing Day" and it's all about showing your love...and improving your health. Kissing is good for you in many ways. It relieves stress, burns off calories, and benefits your immunity too.

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It can also bring a quick end to a fight. It's hard for your significant other to say much your lip is connected to them. With all these advantages, why not pucker up and celebrate.

Kissing can show friendship and the "French" kiss shows passion. For most, kissing is romantic and something to be enjoyed. They say that the first kiss is the most memorable moment in your life. I don't know who "they" is but I rank my first radio job and the birth of Tara as more memorable moments.

If your partner isn't big into kissing, then convince them of the health benefits fo the kiss. Kissing creates saliva. Salvia helps wash food from your teeth and that lowers the leave of acidity on your teeth and helps to prevent tooth decay.

That sounds like a lot of work to celebrate this special day, so I hope that they are a good kisser. They say a bad kiss is better than no kiss at all but I think it depends on who it is.

I hope all this kiss talk will get her engine running but if that doesn't work, ask Alexa to play some Barry White and tell her about the health benefits again. If you can't convince her to do it for you then convince her to do it for her health...Good luck with that.

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