Anyone who has kids will completely understand when I say that we've all been there. We've all been in a situation where our child(ren) spewed out something totally mortifying and completely embarrassed us, whether in public or in private.

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Last week, I was in the grocery store with my six-year-old son when we found ourselves in the health and beauty section. As we came upon the section of the aisle with feminine products, he insisted we stop the cart and then shouted, "Look, there are mama diapers and mama rockets. Do you need any mama diapers and rockets?"

The other people in the aisle looked over and snickered and I wanted for the floor to swallow me whole. I shouldn't have been embarrassed because I am a woman and what my body goes through is completely normal and healthy. I think it was my son's descriptive choice of words that did it for me. I couldn't steer the cart out of that section of the store fast enough.

If you were at Weis Market in Vestal and witness what went down, "Hey." Me. I'm the mom. The one with the kid who wanted her to buy mama diapers and mama rockets.

What's the most embarrassing thing your child has ever announced in public? What's the craziest thing they've ever done to embarrass you? I decided to ask my fellow parent friends and they did not disappoint!

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