Don't you just love it when you get an e-mail or letter in the mail from a service you use or subscribe to that is about to raise your rates, by starting with sweet talk?

In the past year, I've received rate hikes with my energy bill, cable bill, insurance bill, property taxes, school taxes, plus village and town taxes. Don't even get me started with the increased cost of gasoline and food.

And I just received an e-mail from one of those streaming services, which I love to watch, about a rate hike, again. Now, granted, it's less than a dollar hike, but it just seemed that the rate has gone up a few times in the past couple of years.

I can't really complain since I think even the new price is a good deal for the amount of time I spend watching their offering of movies and sitcoms. I love to watch movies, and I get hooked on binge-watching the different types of series they offer, especially in the wintertime when I've got more time on my hands after work and on weekends.

But, it's just the way these notices start out, that makes me cringe. And then mad when I find out what the new monthly rate is going to be with whatever service it may be.

One notice I received not too long ago, began with: "We're updating our prices to bring you more." I didn't ask for more. Is that the real reason? And, I love the notices that begin with something like "We value you as a customer, and to further enhance your experience, we need to raise your monthly rates."

I think I'd prefer these rate hike notices to just tell it like it is. Something like: "Our costs have gone up, so you're going to pay more. Sorry about that. If that's not acceptable, let us know and we'll cancel your subscription." Or if it's a service that you can't just cancel like an energy utility, just leave off the second line. Sweet and to the point.

Maybe that's too harsh? Possibly. It's just my opinion. take it or leave it. I don't need to be told how valuable I am as a customer before being informed my pocket is about to be picked again with a rate hike. Just give me the facts. I get it. Costs go up, and it all trickles down to the consumer.

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