Get Your Spring Clean in Gear
The sun is out, spring and summer are on the horizon and your house is in dire need of a deep cleaning. Never fear, I've assembled a list of awesome must-have weapons in your cleaning arsenal.
Keeping Up With The Joneses
The stress of keeping of with your neighbors is REAL. All the sudden, everyone's lawns are perfectly manicured it seems and I'm struggling!
Spring Is In The Air And Tracie Is A Happy Girl
Spring is in the air...Yes!  Finally!  What an incredible feeling rushed over me this morning as I walked out to my car.  I could hear water running in the creek, some birds, and the fact that I can see my lawn after this winter that has seemed to be so long, is just awesome.  Today we are supposed …
Daylight Savings Time Is A Mixed Bag
Give me light, give me Daylight Savings Time!  Thankfully it arrives this Sunday, March 9th.  That means you'll have to set your clocks forward one hour before you go to bed this Saturday night.
A Sign That Spring Is Coming [Photos]
Sunday afternoon, the kids and I were returning home from the movies and as I was parking the car I caught a glimpse of something.  It was something green!  We got out of the car and walked over to a spot where the snow had melted away revealing a patch of dead plants.  Peeking up out…

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