Who would think that one effect of the coronavirus could be more human and bear interaction this spring? According to wildlife experts that might be the case.

With warmer temperatures, bears in upstate New York and the Capital Region are coming out of hibernation to look for food after their long winter's nap. Of course, this happens every year, and every year we get a reminder from wildlife experts to eliminate anything outside your house that might attract bears and other wildlife. Including putting your trash inside a garage or shed and taking down birdfeeders.

Because of social distancing, people working from home and the kids being out of school during the coronavirus there are fewer people moving around the state to scare bears off. The lack of people could make more room for bears in the area to roam easier than normal according to an article in The Times Union. That doesn't mean you're going to see a black bear hanging out in your backyard while you're on a conference call with your boss, but it could.

Bears will be most active in the morning and early evening so keep an eye out for them around those times. Most wildlife in the area doesn't really want any interaction with humans so you could have a bear looking for food in your area and not even know it.

So, take your garbage inside, take your birdfeeder down and try to eliminate all outside "food" that might attract wildlife to your house. If you do see a bear, don't approach it, make noise so it knows you're there and back away slowly while facing the bear. Pretty much if you keep your distance they will do the same.

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