Spring is in the air...Yes!  Finally!  What an incredible feeling rushed over me this morning as I walked out to my car.  I could hear water running in the creek, some birds, and the fact that I can see my lawn after this winter that has seemed to be so long, is just awesome.  Today we are supposed to see temperatures in the mid to upper fifties and tomorrow we can expect some sun with mild temperatures. 

This year, I admitt, I caught the winter funk, the winter blues, the winter blahs.  It is amazing how the smallest signs of spring bring me great joy.  I'm not even going to complain about all the dog poop in the yard that I have to clean up.  If it means warmer days and sun, then I will scoop the poop all day.  (Okay, that is exaggerating).  Point is, spring is here and it makes me a happy girl!