You’ve really enjoyed your time with your new friend — be it a bromance or the female equivalent. But you’ve learned that, really, you just can’t stand the sight of that person anymore, and it’s time to move on. “Seinfeld” has a solution for that.

There’s nothing worse than that one friend who seemed cool at the start. You know, the one who wanted to come over and play the new Madden, drink some beers, and watch football. Well, now he shows up on Tuesday evenings asking if he can use your barbecue.

What do you do? Seinfeld attempted to let down one friend easy with the whole “this isn’t working” approach. It results in one of the funniest scenes in “Seinfeld” history.

Look, when breaking up with a male, be it just a friend or a boyfriend, it is best to take Jerry’s advice to George — like a band-aid, right off!

Men don’t want to deal with emotions. I have had several male friends whom are no longer friends. It’s fine. I didn’t outright say to them that I didn’t want to be friends anymore, I just stopped answering calls or text messages. I came up with excuses for when they wanted to hang out or do something. Men get it after about two weeks and will stop talking to you.

That’s one way to handle it. Another is to be quick and direct:

“Look, I don’t think we should play Madden anymore. I’m busy and I can’t keep killing time every day with you.”

Simple and to the point. The guy will usually be careful not to show emotion, stand up, walk out of the room and you will probably never hear from him again.

As for handling a woman in this situation, your guess is as good as mine. It will either be a volcano of emotion, flanked by several sharp things hurled at your head, or she will hopefully remain calm, shed no tears and give you the finger as she walks out the door.

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