That was quick! Just days after it was reported that Katy Perry and her male model boyfriend, Baptiste Giabiconi, were getting serious, she threw everyone for a loop — including, perhaps, Giabiconi himself.

Giabiconi posted this adorable photo of the would-be couple on Twitter, which only further fueled speculation that the duo were official. The Blue Steel faced mannequin man wrote:

It’s only natural for Katycats to assume, at that point, that they’re getting cozy … especially when just days ago, Giabiconi’s own rep confirmed the dating tales. “He’s considering moving to LA, at least for some time,” Giabiconi’s rep told the New York Post of his romance with ‘California Gurl’ Perry. “He’s really focusing on his music career from France, but he’s always traveling for his modeling career … It’s new, they’re feeling it out, but they’re spending a lot of time together.” However, Perry then posted this hours later:

Hmmmm! She also tweeted this, perhaps more tellingly, on Thursday, March 29:

Yikes! Is there trouble in paradise, or is KP just playing coy? Perhaps she’s just very guarded, considering her bestie announced to the world this week that her ex Russell Brand cheated. ‘Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection,’ which hit shelves on the 27th. While we only want the best and the most happiness for Perry in her love life, we’re not gonna lie — we wouldn’t mind hearing another breakup song from her.

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