Many reports confirm that ticks are a bigger problem than ever and that despite the frigid winter temperatures, the tick population is thriving.  With that comes a greater concern of Lyme Disease being spread by the increased number of ticks.  We can take some preventative measures to help keep our yards protected from the pesky critters.

The following list includes steps we can take to help prevent our yards from being invaded:

  • Remove leaf piles.
  • Clear brush piles around home and the edge of yard
  • Mow grass frequently
  • Make sure wood piles are stacked in a dry location to help deter rodents (carriers of ticks)
  • Apply pesticide along yard edge.  Pesticide creates a barrier between wooded area and lawn.

These easy to follow tips will help create a tick free zone for your home.  Be wise and still check yourself for ticks, bites, and rashes after spending time outside.