And your opportunity to show off your pup to the world! We need some extra puppy pics to brighten up these dark times, so by all means, share yours with the world! Here's

I'm a big dog person... In fact, I already had a dog, an aging dog and the thought that he may not have been around much longer was a little hard to come to terms with. Back in 2016, I had a friend at the NSPCA in Vegas who knew I had a wiener dog. She reached out to me and said they had these two chiweenies that needed to be fostered as they weren't quite ready to be adopted and offered me the opportunity to do the fostering.

I said I'd come down and meet the pups and talk with them about what all was involved in fostering since I hadn't done that before. I get there, and they come out with a crate, a bag of food, two dogs and a guy offering to help me get it all to my car. I was like... Uhh, I guess this is happening...

So I fostered them for three weeks. The entire time I was thinking that I'd like to keep one of them, and give the other away. I kept going back and forth and I just couldn't pick one to vote off the island. Eventually, I caved and decided since they're brothers, and I already wanted to pick names for both of them, that I'd keep them. So I did, and I'm glad I did! I named the bigger one T-Rex and the smaller one Titan  They both have unique personalities and bring a ton of joy to my life. I don't regret that impulsive decision at all!

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