Have You Ever Seen A UFO?
I've always thought... Whether we're alone in this universe, or if there are aliens out there, either way is totally remarkable. The Pentagon has released official video of UFO's. Unidentified flying objects, so not necessarily proof of alien existence, but what if? Have you ever seen…
What Is The Level Of Trust You Have In Fido?
First off, I'll say that I LOVE dogs. I have dogs, honestly dogs make my day. I also keep them on leashes if they're outside. I had an experience that made me so ANGRY, not at the dog, but the dog's owner.
What Do You Miss Most?
What's that thing that you feel like you didn't fully appreciate until you weren't able to do it? Strangely, the first thing that comes to my mind is unlimited chips and salsa.
Are You Wearing A Mask Yet?
I gotta tell ya, when I go to the grocery store, it's pretty awkward. I feel uncomfortable for not wearing a mask, but I also think I'd feel equally uncomfortable if I was...

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