Have You Ever Seen A UFO?
I've always thought... Whether we're alone in this universe, or if there are aliens out there, either way is totally remarkable. The Pentagon has released official video of UFO's. Unidentified flying objects, so not necessarily proof of alien existence, but what if? Have you ever seen…
5 Ways Restaurants May Change Forever
When your favorite restaurant fully opens up again it will be cause for celebration, but it might look a lot different. Thick menus may be replaced with paper, disposable ones, and you may be sitting at least feet from the next table.
6 New COVID-19 Signs the CDC Wants Us To Know About
Anytime I cough or sneeze I wonder, "Is this it?" "Do I have the coronavirus?" The primary signs of fever, cough, and shortness of breath have been out for weeks now, but here are some other signs you should look for if you start feeling sick.
I Miss The Gym So Much
When gyms fully open up and you're back on the elliptical, you'll probably have a lot more space around you. Gyms are part of the first phase of the President's re-opening plan, but not without big changes.
What Is The Level Of Trust You Have In Fido?
First off, I'll say that I LOVE dogs. I have dogs, honestly dogs make my day. I also keep them on leashes if they're outside. I had an experience that made me so ANGRY, not at the dog, but the dog's owner.

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