For the first time ever, the majority of Girls Aloud's albums—including some of the solo album efforts of group member Cheryl—are available in the U.S. As of July 10, the records became available online as digital downloads in the U.S. through Polydor Records U.K. The available albums include: all five of the group's studio albums (including a handful of deluxe editions), two greatest hits collections, a boxed set, and the first three of Cheryl's solo records. (FYI: Cheryl was formerly known in the group as Cheryl Cole, for those who may not be in the know.)

“It’s such great news that my albums are finally available digitally,” Cheryl told Billboard in light of the release. “I've always said they should be made available when released as people who support me and want my music would tweet me feeling incredibly frustrated that they weren't able to buy them and didn't understand why it wasn't available.” So far, the only album from her solo discography we're still waiting on is Only Human, which was released in the U.K. in 2014.

According to Billboard, the release effort is "part of an ongoing digital initiative to make top performing artists’ titles available in every territory." Which makes sense, seeing as there are plenty of global artists who have seen massive scale success and have gained plenty of American fans even without having albums readily available for U.S. listeners to purchase or download. Hopefully, this initiative will set the precedent for the future; after all, it's pretty frustrating to not be able to buy your fave's album just because they're from another country!

Anyway, we're really happy for you Cheryl, and we're gonna let you finish, but we're still going to really need Nicola Roberts' Cinderella Eyes to become available in the U.S., okay? Make it happen!

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