In case Taylor Swift's carefully curated Instagram posts and sly references to loving Scottish people aren't enough proof for you that she and Calvin Harris are dating, that's okay...because Calvin confirmed it.

During an interview with KISS FM UK's Breakfast Show, Calvin spoke openly about their romance at length, saying things are "going absolutely fantastic" with Taylor, who is currently halfway around the world from him while on her 1989 World Tour.

What's not so fantastic are the constant rumors flying around about the pair, including the one suggesting they're about to get married — a casual, normal thing most people do when they've been involved for a few months. He said: "It's interesting because obviously there's different things written about it every day and even if we don't do anything sort of publicly for a while, someone will make something up, and there will be some sort of story...It gets more and more ridiculous!"

And if you're doubtful that their relationship is anything more than a publicity stunt, let the words from Calvin's own mouth alleviate you. "There's a whole bunch of times when we've been hanging out and nobody's caught it. You know, it's not like every single time we go out we get a photograph taken of us. That's not the case. But for me, though, it could be a lot worse and I'd still be like insanely happy with her so I'm good with it," he says.

Once he was finished gushing about Taylor, Calvin seamlessly segued into introducing his new single "How Deep Is Your Love."

You can listen to it below, but you should know that, despite our highest hopes, the track is, sadly, not a cover of the classic Bee Gees hit. You can listen to that song on YouTube, though.

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