Zayn Malik is clearly unaware that Taylor Swift is friends with 90% of Hollywood, and it looks like he made a really deep cu-u-uuut when he shaded the singer with a critical retweet today (August 18).  Now Taylor's boyfriend, DJ-producer Calvin Harris, has hit back with a barrage of subtweets in her defense.

The original offending retweet suggested Taylor's anti-Spotify stance came from a place of greed, while her contemporary Miley Cyrus takes no issue with the streaming service, saying, "I've made my money." Zayn's Twitter fingers have been feeling especially sassy lately — we've almost come to expect surly, less-than-articulate missives from the former One Direction member at this point. But if Zayn isn't buying Taylor's claim that she's actually fighting for the rights of less famous musicians, maybe he could muster up his own tweet or an open letter or something?

Regardless: Calvin has seen Zayn's retweet, and he simply won't stand for it. Shortly after Zayn pressed Twitter's little arrows icon, the "Sweet Nothings" artist gave Zayn what-for. Because we live in 2015, his anger took the form of profanity-laden subtweets in Zayn's general direction.

Harris then redirected his stern talking-to toward the teens. Not Taylor's horde of teen fans, he's totally cool with them, but the ones who are siding with Zayn. He tweeted, "While u kids are refresh voting teen choice awards there's some poor f---er in a basement making your new favorite record trying to survive."

[Mic drop]. But it wasn't over — Zayn had to get the last word. He quickly responded to Calvin's mini-rant, saying, "Oh and I write my own sh---t too, dickhead."

Only time will tell whether this descends into a ridiculous, unbecoming feud of the Drake vs. Meek Mill variety, but is a diss track from each of them too much to hope for?


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