Just in case you missed the past few PDA-filled months, it's true: Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift are definitely dating each other. And if that swan float photo Taylor posted was somehow not enough proof for you, Calvin's recent referral to Taylor as "[his] girl" should be.

Earlier today he tweeted, "I just played a gig inside a giant owl and my girl just changed the entire music industry what a day."

He is, of course, referring to Taylor's open letter to Apple music, which shames the company's initial refusal to pay any artists or producers during their upcoming 3-month subscription trial period. To put it succinctly: Taylor said, I don't like this thing that's happening, and Apple responded with, Okay we'll change it. That's some serious power, and it's impressive.

But Calvin isn't the only person impressed by Taylor's clout. It's an interesting shift in the general public's attitude when it comes to her penned response. Taylor's decision to pull her entire discography from Spotify last year was largely met with criticism, as most people scoffed at the idea that someone who can afford a penthouse apartment in New York City might actually want to be paid more money. As Taylor is an artist with more reach, clout, money and success than nearly anyone else in the music industry right now, it initially seemed greedy.

But Taylor's smartest strategy in all of this was quietly listening to the criticism from last time. She made the point that she doesn't need the money, and in acknowledging that fact, she set a tone that allowed her to advocate for the indie artists and songwriters who would truly be affected by not being paid for their work for (as Taylor put it) a quarter of a year.

Apple wisely chose to work with, instead of against, one of the biggest powerhouses in music today, so it's a win all around. We'd be proud, too, Calvin.

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