It looks like Taylor Swift is totally cool with her friends dating her exes, no matter how bitter the break-up might have been.

According to an Instagram post, she and boyfriend Calvin Harris took a boat ride with Joe Jonas and his rumored new girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, while in London earlier today (June 29), so we're guessing she's finally over that 27-second breakup phone call from seven years ago.

While we expect no less from Taylor than a public display of civility when encountering Joe (or any of her exes) out and about in the super small celeb realm where physical avoidance is not a viable option, we would also understand if she chose to never voluntarily occupy the same space as him again. Breakups are painful practices in personal growth, where you're forced to either move on gracefully or hold onto that bitterness for the rest of your life. Adding fame into that equation only makes coping harder, and Taylor did what she had to do to deal with it publicly. And unlike the rest of us, she eventually turned her heartbreak into a multi-million dollar songwriting empire, so we understand why she might be willing to forgive and forget at this point.

Karlie Kloss was also there, playing tour guide "kind of," according to Taylor's caption. We never thought we'd see the day where a Victoria's Secret model would play the fifth wheel in any situation, but it's 2015 and 3-D printers are now a reality, so anything is possible.

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